The life of most singles during the Lunar New Year festivities; opening envelopes and counting the contents. How much have you accumulated thus far this New Year? Enough for that latest gadget you’ve been saving up for a while? Ready to sink your cash in a new European-branded handbag? Here are some ways you can spend your ‘Ang Bao’ money this year to get most bang for buck!


Replace your iPhone battery

For only $38 for iPhone models 6 / 6 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus and X, you can get your battery replaced at any Apple service centre or Apple Store in Singapore. Be prepared to wait a couple of hours and do call in advance as I’m told stocks are limited.

Shown here is an iPhone 6S battery

Or, you can just head down to Siglap Bobby for a better deal which includes iPhone models 4S / 5 / 5S in addition to the above models; it only takes 10 minutes!


Get a new tempered glass for your iPhone

Whoever told you that putting a tempered glass screen protector would prevent your iPhone screen from cracking or breaking on impact is lying! There is nothing in this world that will prevent glass from breaking. NOTHING. But we Singaporeans still like to have a piece of tempered glass stuck on our screens to prevent scratches to the screen surface, thus maintaining the resale value of the iPhone.From market study, there are three main types of tempered glass screen protectors:

Shown here is a tempered glass screen protector for iPhone X

The CHEAP ones come with no packaging and are typically just a piece of glass that sticks on the front. It does its job. These go for $10 at Siglap Bobby and comes with a professional installation at that price.

The FAVOURITE ones come with decent packaging but are more than just looks. They have the same oleophobic coating as the iPhone screen itself. This coating resists liquids like finger oils and is often marketed as “fingerprint resistant”. The oleophobic coating also causes the protector to have a slight resistive feel when sliding your finger across it, like on the actual iPhone screen, which is good for gamers who need traction. These go for $20 at Siglap Bobby and also comes with a professional installation at that price.

The SPECIALISED ones are usually priced very high (above $80 USD) and are typically marketed as “unbreakable”, “tough” or “military grade”. While I do not doubt that there really is high tech R&D that goes into developing and production of these screen protectors, like I said earlier on, there is nothing in this world that will prevent glass from breaking. Siglap Bobby does not stock up on these class of screen protectors.


Give your older Macs a modern boost of “power”

Solid State Drives (SSD) have been adopted by Apple for their range of Mac products since 2012. If you still have an older MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Pro, you are going to experience a huge performance bump simply by upgrading to an SSD. And while you’re at it, consider maxing out the Random Access Memory (RAM) and doing some auxiliary repairs to boot. Transport yourself back to the day your first bought that Mac, when things were “much faster”.

I have created a YouTube video explaining the differences between SSDs and regular Hard Disk Drives (HDD). SSD upgrades at Siglap Bobby start from $280. Visit us with your older Mac for a non-obligatory assessment and honest recommendation.