This Professional Lens Kit by Baseus is unlike any other lens set that you can get from a yard sale or pasar malam. The photo quality is sharp, the variation of lens models is useful, and the build quality is great for the price. Baseus gives you a carrying case and a micro-fibre cloth with this kit. The kit consists of a 120 degree wide angle lens with minimal distortion, a 180 degree fisheye lens, as well as a 15X microspur (macro lens) that is attached to the fisheye lens.


Here’s what comes in the box.


The lenses screw onto a clip which clips onto your phone to cover the phone’s camera whole. The images taken through the lens are sharp. There is no visible quality loss using and not using the Baseus Lens Kit. Here are some shots taken from the same position.


Taken with an iPhone 6 Plus without any add-on lens.


Taken with an iPhone 6 Plus with the 120 degree Wide Angle Lens


Taken with an iPhone 6 Plus with the 180 degree Fisheye Lens


Taken with an iPhone 6 Plus with the 15X Microspur (Macro Lens)


Overall, at S$48, this is a good buy for we-fie buffs and those who want to dabble into macro iPhonography.