Why is it important to use an original Apple Lightning cable or one that is “MFI” certified?

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Build Quality – Apple produces the integrated circuit chips in their Lightning cables in order to ensure 100% compatibility with it’s own phones. But they do it also to prevent sub-standard knock-offs of the real deal. In order to make a Lightning cable that matches Apple’s MFI standards, one has to purchase the integrated circuit chips directly from Apple under the MFI programme. If a knock-off cable can save on getting the chips from Apple, think about what other components of the regular cable they are saving on just to get it to you cheap. The result is a cable with significantly poorer build quality and thus has a shorter lifespan.

  2. Compatibility – Apple will always ensure 100% compatibility of their devices with the Lightning integrated circuit chips. However, knock-offs are only guaranteed to work reliably with the version of devices on the market at time of manufacture. While you might have bought a cable for cheap only recently, the chips in the cable could have been manufactured 5 years ago, when iPhones were still smaller.

  3. Charging Experience – Ever experienced false reporting of battery levels, or battery wear occurring much faster than expected? That is most probably due to the usage of non-original cables and chargers (like power banks). While many speculations about power cleanliness, power stability and current peaks have been speculated about using a non-original cable, it is safe to say that nothing delivers a charge better to an Apple device, than an Apple cable. Agreed?