Beyerdynamic DT150

Beyerdynamic DT150

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Music aficionados will agree that one should invest in a good headphones, in order to enjoy an immersive music experience. Fret not - Beyerdynamic DT 150 Headphones are here for your listening pleasure.

The DT 150 is a closed dynamic studio headphone with a modular construction offering excellent ambient noise isolation. The powerful neo-dymium magnet system provides high-fidelity reproduction and a balanced sound. The headband and earphone cushioning systems have been carefully designed for maximum comfort and serviceability. The padded headband can adjusted to fit on every head.



Closed headphones
Excellent ambient noise attenuation
Powerful neo-dymium headphone system for excellent reproduction accuracy
Wide frequency response (5 - 30.000 Hz)
Capable of handling very high SPL
Rugged, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable
Single-sided, detachable cable Circumaural ear pads
Excellent comfort for long-term wearing


Beyerdynamic headphones are backed by a 2-year local (Singapore) warranty.


Please do not buy these headphones without first trying them as sound is very subjective. Visit our retail store at Siglap Centre #02-25 to try (for as long as you want) before you buy!