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Like the Apple Watch, ths DayDay Band is a smart fitness and health device that's meant to be worn daily; hence DayDay. For very little down, you can now own a personal health assistant on your wrist. Gives you feedback on steps taken, exercise done, sleep monitoring, silent vibration alarm, heart rate monitoring, selfie remote and even tells you the time!



Amanda Chua, 22yo Student Angela Vargas, 40yo Housewife Jonathan Chew, 35yo IT Support
In what scenarios did the DayDay band best contribute to your lifestyle?
It helps me in terms of informing how my sleep cycle is like,so that i can make some amendments to make my sleep better. Apart from that,the shake to take photo function is also useful when it comes to taking photos without asking other people to help,it acts as a clicker to take photos. As i run around with the kids and sometimes i can't go to the gym, how many steps i take it's my favourite.  As i don't need to bring my phone along, only the wrist band. Healthy lifestyle, tracking the number of steps and also for exercise purpose.
Was the DayDay Band easy to set up, right out of the box?
The setup was easy as the software that is used to setup is user friendly as there are step by step instructions to guide you. It was very easy. Although, i had issues setting up the sleep mode. Yes, initial thought need to pair using bluetooth but instead just use the app and the pairing is completed, so much easier and straightforward.
Would you recommend DayDay Band to your friends, and why?
Yes, it really helps me in my daily life like better understanding of my sleep cycle,the number of steps i actually take in a day.It is more like a many function in one device that is convenient to bring around as well as it somewhat acts as a fashion accessory that fits well with any outfits. Absolutely. Easy to use and very light.  Yes, for those who want to have a small and simple tracker.
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Brand Name

Siglap Selects


DayDay Band 2



Net Weight



Plastic, aluminum



Internal configuration

Screen 0.42 inches OLED display Dialog

Dialog 2 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

ADI ultra-low power acceleration sensors + Optical heart rate sensor



standby time:20 days type batteries

Input Current:45mA (TYP), 65mA (MAX)

Input voltage:5V

Compatible Minimum Requirements

Android 4.4 + & support Bluetooth 4.0 : For Android devices;

iOS 7 - For Apple devices : iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6 Plus 6s 6s plus


Wrist Strap length:235 mm

Adjustable Wrist Strap Length: 155mm ~ 210mm 

material:Thermoplastic elastomers, aluminum